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duty section sends a professional

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The dam field town in house surrounds a personnel;The weather section closely follows the weather process, immediately rolls over forecast and makes use of various outlets to release an early-warning information;Water duty section sends a professional technical personnel is to side ascent, Wei building, dike, reservoir, and water and soil conservation engineering...etc. each kind of engineering carry on one by one patroling and monitoring, to existent concealed suffer from and damages of the occurrence, adopt effective measure successful treatment in time;The sections, such as national territory and construction...etc. is tight to guard nike air max 1 mujeragainst a time living disaster, hard work well mudslide, swollen mountain stream, slippery ascent etc. geology disaster defense and city of defend the Lao row Lao work.At the same time, the county organizes each village and each section to actively raise funds to raise a thing, the help disaster crowd makes good production from save, carefully work out the problem of eat, wear, live, going of disaster crowd, the disaster crowd lives order just and gradually and resumes as usual.According to the incompletion statistics, this time rain-storm Hong Lao disaster, make the county's 23 villages, 267,000 crowd different degree disaster, the temporary unmanned member dies or injures.From June 25 to July 5, State Department sends 8 Dus check a set of cent to leave for parts of cities and department concerned in State Department, to the steady growth, urge reform, adjust structure, people-benefit living a policy measure implementation circumstance to develop overall Du to check.The The Xinhua news agency reporter follows behind Du to check process and discovered manyinside storys.Check what?

Who come to check?This time Du checks a notice of deriving from 6 beginning of the month State departments.The notice points out that the second half of 2013, State Department around steady growth, urge reform, adjust structure, people-benefit living a set a series of policy measure, the government work gave a talk or lectured to particularly work to make to deploy to 2014, everyplace each section of area hard carries through, cooperate push forward, some point works make aggressive progress and receive real results.But have to see, many policy measures carry out of the strength isn't good enough, effect isn't obviously, have no full nike air max thea españaexertion's getting stripe to the economic stability growth and the transformation should have of promote a function.The Du checks this time be make policy a deployment and set policy measure implementation circumstance to carry on atouch bottom to State Department.The Du checked to concretely list total 60 contentseses of 19ses this time and included cancel and bottom to let go a government examination and approval item, push forward the policy measure that Jian Zheng puts power implementation circumstance, speed Peng door area reformation, enlargement guarantee housing project construction strength of policy measure implementation circumstance, the finance supports the policy measure of real economy especially small tiny business enterprise andthree agriculturess implementation circumstance, etc..Each Du's checking sets is all taken a brigade term senior clerk by officials of a department class, and check the dissimilarity that a set of Du checks a task according to each Du, arranged to come from a different department

The department bureau class staff of door and unit takes part in.Such as the seventh Du checks the set is taken a brigade by the water conservancy department minister, the Du checks to constitute a member to include to come from the national development reform Wei, human resource and the society guarantee department, water conservancy department, Ministry of Finance and live the department bureau class of setting up the department and silver Jian meeting staff, the Du checks of the object is Hunan, Hubei and Henan and Shaanxi four province.The central department Wei also accepted Du to check when the Du checks other sections and city.Chinese railroad, head office, national bank for reconstruction & development also at be checked by the Du of row.In addition, plait in the center does of the personnel examine and approve system reform by administration particularly the item Du checked the identity of constituting the member to participate in Du in State Department to check a set, nation statistics the bureau also send nike air max 2014 mujera personnel's whole distanceseses to take part in Du to check a work.Each Du checks a set to still have State Department office to serve as to contact a member concerning personnel in the department bureau.How to check?In fact before the Du checks a set to develop a work, overall Du's checking has been already started.6 beginning of the months, each accept section and place that the Du checks to start carrying on from check, according to this 19 circumstances that comb implementation in detail, check to seek an oneself problem, put forward opinion or suggestion, and form to report to provide to check a set for Du.The Du checks the set work to arrange very tightly packed.Arrive be checked after the city by the Du, hear local government mainly first leadership to make collective report to tell from the survey report.The Du checks

large unit to lately request

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The noodles made major contribution.The car is handsome to call, the Xi near even total secretary asks large unit to deliver dint in mattering to society in Xinjiang stable and long curing long Anne's root, foundation and farsighted problem and becomes the stable machine of solid Anne's side Jiang and coagulate each clan crowd's big furnace, advanced productivity and forerunner cultural model area.This is the new fixed position that the center works to the large unit to lately request, society in Xinjiang stability, race incorporation, the realistic demand of economic society development to large unit is also the inside potential and function that the large unit system has, is also the strategic value place that the large unit exists development.To this, large unit pair government Wei in Xinjiang Liu to loosenned to once mean before now, stability machine, big furnace and model nike air max thea baratasarea function is to construction battalion, mainstay and impregnable fortress three your works was used of inherit.The stable machine that becomes solid Anne's side Jiang is the basic request that the large unit implements Tun Ken to guard frontier regions job mission, become the big furnace that coagulates each clan crowd, the important path of special better exertion large unit function, become advanced productivity and forerunner cultural model area, is the direction being better to implement putting forth effort of special mission large unit.He said that the large unit can never downplay the soldier's characteristics, strengthen the soldier's consciousness, improve the soldier's ability to raise a total amount, raise character and improve ability

For grasp to enhance Wei steady guard frontier regions function, raise Wei steady guard frontier regions ability, strengthen the skill of developing the large unit function.According to all, 2010 in the last yearses of in four years, the large unit total output value in Xinjiang year all increases 16.6% and have interborough specific weight in Xinjiang to raise to°from 1/7 1/6 strong;The town turns a rate to raise 15 percentage points, 70% above of the large unit person lived into bride chamber;Town the all controllable income of residents person and regiment field agriculture herd work the person of the family the all pure income year all increase above 15%;Large unit the total population Be clean to increase 13 myriad people, graduate student in more than 20,000 high schools arrives a large unit to work.Win a new net Wu Sheng give or get an electric nike air max 1 baratasshock(Wang Jue Zhang sets up a Bin text Wei) the 11th on July 11, reporter declares to do to learn of from Wu Sheng Xuan's outsourcing in Guang'an, from 23:00 on July 10, Wu Sheng Xuan in Guang'an is inshore to widespreadly appear strong rainfall of process, 27 among them measure to stand more than 50 millimeters, 21 measure to stand more than 100 millimeters, 15 measure to stand more than 150 millimeters, more than 250 millimeters measure to stand 3, among them, the county's Long Nyu Zhen's district declines amount of water to reach to a 260 mms to ruin for the biggest rainfall district, keeping on of rain-storm making the county agriculture producing, producing living much facilities drive.Cause the county's 23 villages, 267,000 crowd different degree disaster.After weather rain feeling consults at 23:00 p.m. on the 10th, the county's county weather bureau, county keeps Xun from doing and

Release an early-warning information, tell each village, each section to notice the influence that this strong convection the weather brings by message;23:The county keeps Xun from doing to make use of a county to keep early-warning center platform of Xun monitor from requesting each village, each section tight concern rain feeling and strengthens to take a class of on duty at 50:00, the implementation effectively defends to control measure, in time report send extent of disaster;On the 11th 1:the county defends to point to start Ⅲ class to meet an emergency to respond to at 40:00 and keep dry conductor department of Xun anti- from releasing No.1th to announce to request each village and parties concerned and each reservoir of whole county to manage unit immediately start keep Xun from preparing a case, all of all staff members arrive Gang and closely pay attention to Xun feeling, implementation each item defends to control measure, at any time rob insurance rescue.According to understand,nike air max 90 mujer face big rain-storm Hong Lao disaster especially, Wu Sheng Xuan mobilizes and organizes all levels staff, party member and crowd in time and spares no effort to rob insurance, makes great effort to be as low as lowest limit of disaster loss and promisesthe life safety of large masses of the people.The county county's Wei mainly leadership lead a county to defend to point each positive pair conductor long come in person a county to keep a center from staying in conductor, guide an each village, county to defend each related section of member's unit and county class to rob with all strength insurance rescue.The each cent of county government's tube leadership goes deep into the village of disaster severity check instruction to rob insurance to rescue respectively and adjust to gather to assault boat to rescue three rivers and Luo with all strength

inside the systemlengthways the contact

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Make many new requests and designation, include to audit direct to want whole overlayses, audit to develop six your works to use etc..Pass to revise a further definitely related request, audit organization of the job legal power certain degree has extension.A audit system staff member tells a reporter.The meaning audits inside the systemlengthways the contact enhance in the opinion draft for ask for to involve of the top and bottom class audit organization relation problem, in Wang De Hua's eyes, then the confrontation accounted a system to do to improve very greatly.Legal system in State Department does in State Department concerning the modification<the People's Republic of China audit method implementation regulation>of the further perfect audit organization in the decision(ask for an opinion draft) leadership system, enhanced superior to audit an organization to bottomreebok zig sonic baratas class audit organization of leadership.Ask for the elucidation of opinion draft and point out, the all levels audits an organization and not only needs to accept the direct leadership of this class people government administration chief, but also needs to accept and audits the leadership of the organization up a class and stipulate place all levels at the same time that auditing an organization is full-time and pair job appointment and dismissing of representative director, should in advance advertise for ascend a class audit organization of approval.Wang De Hua thinks that the rules audited the relation of organization to do to the top and bottom class new rules and involves the important improvement of auditing the system.In the former law rules, cage

Say to audit the upper grade organization generally to bottom the class organization has directive obligation and power, while this time modification draft audited the power of organization to do to the superior very detailed rules.Descended a class audit organization before of full-time and pair the ordination of the job was the opinion that asked for the upper grade organization, just as a reference, but have to ask for the approval that the superior audits an organization now, the different idea can not pass, this is actually a very big variety.Ask for an opinion draft rules still, the superior audits an organization to strengthen to bottom class audit organization of leadership, check to investigate class audit organization of work, build up sound work nike air max 2014 precioto give a talk or lecture, say post and rank system.Wang De Hua thinks that descend class audit organization upward the class audit an organization report to send work material, the top and bottom class audits an of organization relate to of thin turn, explicit, its influencing is very big.Legal system in State Department's doing is carrying out constitution and auditing the place of method rules to audit an organization dual leadership system towards mentioning in the elucidation that asks for an opinion draft, further perfect audit organization leadership system, for the sake of.But this kind of dual leadership system, in expert's eyes, with before now compare, weakened the horizontal contact of auditing the organization and local government, enhanced audit system inner part lengthways contact, for making audit organization at open

It was little to be tied down and influenced by local benefits when exhibition worked, made to audit an organization to have independence more.Win new agency Urumqi to give or get an electric shock(reporter Qi is second even) production in Xinjiang construction large unit party Wei secretary and government Wei on July 11 the car Be handsome to be here calling on the 11th, large unit in Xinjiang will fix attention on exertion stability machine, big furnace and model area function and obtain breakthrough in raising Wei steady guarding frontier regions ability waiting point problem hard.The large unit party Wei in Xinjiang that convenes on the 11th six 13 whole Weises(extension) meeting up, the car is handsome to mean, the Wei is steady to guard frontier regions is
nike air max thea mujerthe expertise and job place of large unit, the large unit will focuse to develop Wei steady guard frontier regions a special function, this key, particularly obtain to break Xinjiang that establishes in 1954 to produce to constuct a large unit to carry in the aspects of raising Wei steady guarding frontier regions ability, strengthening south Jiang large unit strength, deepening soldier's ground to blend a development, creating large unit cultural highland, enriching perfect political soldier Qi uniting as one a system waiting national Tun Ken to guard frontier regions history mission.60 in the last yearses, the large unit person develops to have a passion for a motherland, unselfish offer, hard start a business, expand enterprising spirit, radicate desert periphery in Xinjiang and frontier follow line, exertion constucts a battalion, mainstay and impregnable fortress function, is developing to constuct Xinjiang, promotes race incorporation, pushes forward a society progress and makes stronger a northwest border defense etc. square

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